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Sunday, March 22, 2009
The Evolving

Its been quite a while since a post was last made . ( a long while ). I'd like to firstly, thank everyone who kept checking back to see if any updates were being made. In the space of time where i stopped making updates and started planning the next show, I had time to explore other projects. For those of you who may need a re-cap, I mentioned I was working on a partnered retail project.
Because of this Goldmine Fashion Shows has been put onto hold. In recent event, all is looking well for the new goldmine branch into retail. I am currently in stages of opening a shop in Brooklyn for the Ladies; House of Belle. All going the way it is now, we will open this summer. But no fear, in sight of the progress of our shows, Goldmine Fashion show will make a new name for itself alongside the grand opening of House of Belle. I'll keep you posted via this blog on what is going on with the new project . keep the support alive.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Something sweet for the holidays arrived!

The ladies of Dime Piece Designs take a different approach in the new offering taking inspirations from the vintage film, Barberella and fem-bots of the future. Presenting new cuts and custom v-neck, the popular cotton/spandex leggings and 50/50 cotton zip-up hoodies. This Lookbook definitely shows thought and creativity. Like Princess Of The Posse; you can see the high fashionelle influence. We LOVE IT. Make sure to check out their new website and online store. Keep it up ladies :]


The 3 Ls to Live By

Im going to assumer none of the Ls in in Triple L Society stand for Ladies.. mmm just a guess?

We love looking at the guys Triple L attire. for example this is our favorite for fall:

its just a mere $40.00 on the website BUT BUT BUT we have a major problem here! as i was looking through the site .. i noticed one thing that bugged me. ONLY ONE item for the women !

I mean , I know this is a mans game but if your goin to cross into our field give us some variety ! This is also available via the Triple L website. We love Triple l but I say give us something soon, the ladies want to live lavish too ;)

girls.girls.girls. goldmine 09

look enjoy some nice imagery of me.

but on to the actual focus of this post.
anyone notice its the year of the woman?though some still might deny our growing strentghs, goldmines going to celebrate it.our next show The goldmine girls summer clubhouse is dedicated to all our ladies doing itfor 2009. This show is a little personal for me. (aiming for my birthday), incorporating all the things I love. (shouldnt be that difficult to recognize) but today marks yet another day of where the planning begins! and no after party this time.. lets try and all day Pre-Event Celebration :). Open to everyone! ( there was a serious, 21+ over problem last time @ Fish Eye Lounge) BUT...

We will try to keep our mouths shut about our special gifts and loony presentation.

Whether your coming home from school this summer or visiting nyc.. stop by for craploads of fun.


What to say ? We havent posted in 2 months .. (just about) excuse the disappearance but its been an interesting not to mention busy time outside of goldmine. For those who havent heard, were boarding new ships to discover new seas but dont worry you werent forgotten ! goldmine is actually expanding; meaning we have been doing a major collabo project with a retail store out in brooklyn, im not at liberty to mention who but very soon we will have a service offered year around alongside our signature event. BUT ANYWAY, Pictures from the last event. Everyone has been asking. Unfortunately, in these past 2 month I havent recieved a single photograph .
Im just as anxious as you are. I apologize :(. I did however manage to salvage candid photographs from a friend and dont mind sharing those with you.

but, again. I apologize.
read on and keep supporting

Thursday, September 18, 2008

We're going BCBGMAXAZRIA style tommorow; a rather unique style for a runway. (I mentioned this in the previous post) If you follow runway as much as I do you'll know exactly what im talking about; but for those of you who dont know what a BCBG runway looks like, then check out this video from Fall 2008 :

ooohh wee what a treat you're in a for =)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Tennis House Sneak Peek 09.17.08

This is what a wednesday looks like on me :

Ladies & Gents that time is almost here! The anticipation is definitely killing me as much as anyone else for this Friday. Again, We were rained out lastweek, washed out of the green and have been relocated. I'll just write a reminder that the show is this Friday (moved from last friday) @ The Tennis House in Prospect Park ( take the F train to 15st/Prospect Park) In the meanwhile since we're obviously stuck in wednesday, here's a sneak preview of where we'll be friday; now welcome to the Tennis House ..

this 1920 neoclassical greek model house is going to host our fashion show, isnt it beautiful?

Yeah, it sure is to me and i hope you all enjoy this architecture along with out bcbg style runway friday night =) ... but today was a pretty long day chugging along in my boots. going to the tennis house, having lunch with lovely men of The Bkc (hancos was so yummy guys) & meeting up with Kalisha. i realized i never mention i have an intern(who by the way is sooo efficient). Her name is Kalisha, say hello everyone :

But anyways Friday is A MUST, its going to be VERY VERY ridiculous. Who doesnt expect it to be ? I mean, nothin' beats the gold. right?